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Welcome to my Tumblr, I mainly use this as a place for my SPG fanart. ( sometimes you will get some other stuff) but mostly spg stuff.
About me: I am from the London (uk), 26 years old, and a male ( well grey male.. Unlucky to be born in the wrong body) something I am really open about.
If you want to ask me anything go ahead.

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Aug 30

Preview of upcoming work. The Spine and Rabbit are now done… now for Hatchworth to which I say “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that going to be hard” as you can see I got the basic planning lines done for Hatchy done soo time to start dotting away. Also I have goals ( which I am not telling you). These were done, as I said if I got over 250 notes by when I woke up on my last Rabbit one. And once the final are done, if I hit the goal in my mind for them I will do Michael, Matt and Steve, maybe I will do the Walter girls and GG,If I hit one that I don’t think will happen it will do Bunny, Sam and David outside make up.. creating a big picture series. mwhahaha secrets goals. 

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